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AI Solutions

Talented is an Artificial Intelligence focused Software Reseller start-up, dedicated to the Human Resources industry.

We have uncovered the latest technology to be our backbone and support our expertise in selecting the right solutions for our clients and ensuring the best overall experience for everyone.

Our goal is to transform the world of recruitment into the World of Data Intelligence, to improve efficiency in sourcing and assessing candidates, optimize candidate’s experience and increase delivery and satisfaction for our clients.

Embracing Intelligent Innovation

Our goal is to innovate the industry and offer a range of products from Artificial Intelligence for Sourcing or Selection, Chatbots to engage candidates, to Employee Well-being and Engagement platforms, as well as Virtual Reality training solutions.

Our selected solutions will enable large data processing, for our clients to source better, select better, identify key performers, improve gaps in training, evaluate your employees, reward them better, engage them on a continued basis, manage their work-life balance, ensuring their well-being and improve your recognition model.

The “Be Talented” Team

Talented was founded in 2018 by professionals who gathered over 35 years of experience in International Recruitment and HR Services, and who had a vision that Technology could improve the HR industry for candidates, clients but also for hard working recruiters. 
We have integrated AI Technologies internally so our team can work efficiently using the latest tools and have a great fun environment to be in.

The Value

Our solutions can cut up to 50% of your busy time, automating all menial processes. Artificial Intelligence solutions will process large amounts of data set that nobody was properly handling before, so you can use them for your business.

Your candidates will no longer be lost in a database, your best performers no longer in the shadow, your employees no longer frustrated from little recognition, your managers will always get the support they expect and your workforce will always feel engaged, rewarded and happy!

Build the Future of Intelligence in your HR department Today!

Our Expertise

Our team is made of talented professionals with a passion for recruitment and technology innovations. We are seeking to assist HR Professionals in moving forward with New Technologies that will change the industry.

We are collaborating with our clients to develop solutions and achieve goals. We enjoy working in a tech sphere, very fast paced, sales and competitive working environment. Our personalities bring mountains of diversity and fun, all collaborating to thrive.

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Our Locations


To support their European growth and R&D, Talented opened a new office in the heart of the capital of the Ireland, where the Guinness flows. This office is a spacious, bright and is based in Dublin’s Silicon Valley.


In the heart of one of the most vibrant cities, Talented has one of the most international, thriving, exciting and beautiful office, right near the Agbar Tower.


In the capital of Spain, Talented opened its second office in the heart of the city centre. Wide open and very sunny open spaces is what characterizes Talented’s Madrid office.

Talented will be expanding, so watch this space:

Berlin opening 2020
USA opening 2020
Paris opening 2020